Daniel Hale, Traitor and Spy, Gets Four Years

Leaking to the Intercept rarely works well for their sources.

Daniel Hale is off to jail. The latest out and traitor and loathsome, anti-American toad and coward to be lionized by the alt-left will serve a four year sentence for espionage. His defense had asked for a year, the prosecutors for eight to eleven. The judge split the difference, despite making some fatuous and politicized remarks sympathetic to Hale, and the drone programme leaker is going to spend four years inside. I hope they are long, bitter four years filled with extreme tedium, four wasted years of Hale’s youth that give him ample time to reflect on the shameful nature of his actions. I hope every morning he wakes up and puts on his ‘I’m a martyr’ gameface and then recognizes, as he slowly comes to and realizes yes, I’m still in prison, that deep inside - maybe even not so deep - he secretly recognizes that he’s messed up his life for klout, for “journalists” who don’t give a damn about him; that he betrayed his country, that he betrayed men whose boots he’s not fit to lace, that he’s unworthy of being an American, and that even when he comes out he’ll be a felon who will find ostensible applause from Russia’s fellow travelers. I hope Daniel Hale understands that the only people who think less of him than I do are the Russians, who run their networks of US person sympathizers with utter contempt for them. The Russians use traitors to America, but they despise them. And they are right to do so. I hope Daniel Hale’s stint in prison is miserable in the extreme. Hale has no remorse, and therefore I have no pity. Lastly, I hope he reads this piece. I hope he understands that while Russia’s friends are the loudest, America’s friends are the ones with the key his cell.

Let’s take a look at what Hale did. The facts of his life and espionage are clearly laid out in a hagiography in the New Yorker by Kerry Howley, here promoted by his fellow loathsome traitor, Edward Snowden.

To read through this piece is like climbing through sewage served up on a silver platter. Kerry Howley, the author, has previously written a puff piece on Tulsi Gabbard, which, thankfully, did not persuade any Democrats to vote for the Russia-loving Assad apologist: Howley’s noxious take was that it was shameful for journalists to criticize Assad, the torturer of children and gasser of the Kurds, whom Tulsi supports:

Syria doesn’t get much airtime on American television news — it’s a horrifying, complicated proxy war involving Iran and Saudi Arabia and Russia to which Americans have neither answers nor the will to meaningfully intervene. It is not good content. But when Tulsi Gabbard appears on any given news program, a Blob-driven game ensues: corner Tulsi into insulting Assad.

The “Blob-driven game” of holding evil middle eastern tyrants accountable, such as the Taliban, very much disturbs Howley. Just before the puff piece on Russia loving Tulsi came her puff piece on Russia loving Reality Winner, the other disgusting traitor to, like Daniel Hale, have attended the Defense Language Institute at Monterey. Howley’s Reality Winner puff-piece is full of anti-intelligence Russian driven tropes, such as, without irony, using the phrase “Deep State” to mean America’s intelligence professionals. Rather disturbingly, Howley is, per her Twitter, married to a Secret Service agent. But look - she’s a commentator, and she has the absolute right, not to be trammeled upon, to lionize losers who pled guilty to espionage, to attack America’s wars and excuse treason.


It doesn’t make Howley a Russian spy, or a spy of any kind. And her present subject, Daniel Hale, who likewise rants and raves against the United States whose uniform he had the profound and unmerited privilege to wear, would also not have been a spy, and would not have been facing four years in the clink, if spouting defenses of Tulsi’s Assad stanning, or attacking the effective and brilliant drone program, were all he did. Daniel Hale is no ‘Veterans for Peace’ type shill. He didn’t simply quit the military and devote himself to attacking it, to sneering at the intelligence community and both-sides-ing the Syria conflict (Assad is in the wrong). Instead, he leaked top secret documents on the drone program.

U.S. District Judge Liam O’Grady sentenced Hale, 33, of Nashville, to 45 months in prison for violating the Espionage Act, saying his disclosure of documents went beyond his “courageous and principled” stance on drones.

“You are not being prosecuted for speaking out about the drone program killing innocent people,” O’Grady said. “You could have been a whistleblower . . . without taking any of these documents.”

It’s Howley’s puke-making sainthood bio of Hale that tells us so much about him. She’s detailed on facts and for that I am grateful. We learn that “By the time he finished high school, Daniel trusted a single source of information, which was Democracy Now!”

Well, Democracy Now! frequently publishes propaganda that Russia is very happy about (smear on Navalny) but it is, of course, a stalwart of the weirdo left. It’s reasonable to assume that if Hale told Howley Democracy Now! was his go-to, he was as propagandized to the hard left as OANN devotees are to the right. How likely is it that this prince among men who, per the article, was fired from every civilian job he ever had, no matter how menial, was motivated by patriotism to join the military? You know, Hale, if one employer fires you, maybe they are bad. If all of them fire you, maybe you’re a giant dick. Just something to think about.

But eventually, as he had in many other Nashville kitchens, Daniel became too difficult an employee to manage…in May 2019, the chef let him go.

The hagiography of the traitor Daniel Hale is rich with America-hating passages that take your breath away. Try this one:

It wasn’t so bad, the life he had accepted when no others made themselves known, under a new president who made promises in which it was tempting to believe: the closing of Guantánamo, an end to forever war. Daniel assumed it was impossible to be a president without becoming a war criminal, but he had attended an Obama rally in his hometown. At the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, he studied Mandarin for the greater glory of the state.

“it was impossible to be a President without becoming a war criminal”

“he studied Mandarin… for the greater glory of the state”

In fact, the US military is an entirely volunteer force, and Daniel Hale, the guy who couldn’t hold down a dishwashing job, learned Mandarin in order to better serve his country and the US military. At least, that was our intention.

Without intending to, Howley’s piece reveals the racism and anti-Americanism of lily-white Daniel Hale’s hatred of Obama:

Obama, Daniel concluded, was “a clown,” “just a complete fraud,”

and the misogyny of Daniel Hale arguing that his first drone strike - against a serious, evil terrorist who was sitting in council with a bunch of armed - yes, they were all armed - military-age Taliban males - the type of men that shot Malala just because she wanted to go to school - the traitor Daniel Hale said that this was bad. He said “they posed no threat”. Credit is due, perhaps, to this guilty scumbag whom I respect less than the dirt I scrape off my sneakers for not even trying to hide his contempt for Afghan women and children or for the free world as he argues not “these were civilians” but instead “this well-known evil terrorist and the fully armed military males sitting with him, who stone “adulteresses” alive and torture children with drill saws, those armed men in a council of war are not legitimate.” Hale isn’t even trying; Hale just hates America, hates women, hates civilians, and loves authoritarian torturers, like Tulsi Gabbard with Assad.

In my opinion, stretching credulity in her attempt at a whitewash, Kerry Howley tries to pretend that Daniel Hale was a complete deer in the headlights as he obviously positioned himself to be assigned to the most damaging places where he could hurt the United States. Take this eye-popping assertion:

Daniel didn’t know what JSOC was when he was given his deployment papers, though by the time he arrived at Fort Bragg, he knew it was exclusive. 

Oh, yeah, absolutely, Kerry. A kid raised on Democracy Now! has literally never heard of Joint Special Operations Command. It is a complete mystery, and not dissolved when you actually join the military you hate. Yep, we can all buy that Daniel Hale was an innocent doe with no idea how important JSOC is to America.

But what matters most about Daniel Hale is not Hale himself, or his crimes, or how he traded four long, hopefully dreadful years in jail for Twitter klout and the career of journalists whose sloppy practices exposed him (more in a later article). What matters is the framing. Because, like in Jeremy Scahill’s disgusting 2013 “documentary” “Dirty Wars” (feat: Hale and Malcolm Nance) that attacked Joint Special Operations Command, it’s all about the framing. Drone strikes are presented by the alt-left as something bad; they are not, and never were, bad; documents leaked by Traitor Hale to the Intercept show that JSOC required a massively high level of confirmation and of guilt before using them. Just as with that first, glorious, feminist, just and patriotic strike, which Hale so repugnantly condemned. His letter to the judge shows that he knew perfectly well he was targeting a terrorist and his armed Taliban allies:

among them was a suspected member of the Taliban, given away by the targeted cell phone device in his pocket. As for the remaining individuals, to be armed, of military age, and sitting in the presence of an alleged enemy combatant was enough evidence to place them under suspicion as well

Oh, no shit, Hale. Really? How outrageous that armed males sitting with a terrorist planning would be considered negative by USG. Drone strikes enabled the US government to minimize death, to target these evil people without risk to United States soldiers and pilots, and without warning them (you’ll have time to hide if we send a plane). The lopsided ability to kill the bad guys *without* hurting the troops is why the pro-Russian alt-left objects to drones. Say, enough times, that the admitted, guilty plea of espionage from Daniel Hale, who literally asks us to call him a traitor per Kerry Howell - and I am so very happy to oblige him - that Daniel Hale is “whistleblower” over the “drone program” - say it often enough, and stupid people, or those who don’t check, or even smart people with confirmation bias, will start to automatically say “Drones are bad m’kay”. THEY ARE NOT. That’s why the pacifist, gentle, left-wing, progressive first African-American President Barack Obama used to so many of them - the President that lily-white Daniel Hale, lily-white Ed Snowden and other anti-American, pro-Russian traitors, just spat upon. Barack Obama is no warmonger. He used drones because they are effective and minimize the loss of life. Collateral damage cannot be avoided in war, but which technique does more damage to civilians? A targeted drone strike or “shock and awe” bombing military targets in a given city?

Obama loved drone strikes because they kill terrorists while minimizing civilian casualties and eliminating US casulties vs a conventional “hot war” or bombing campaign. If you are a Democrat or a liberal reading this, try and see the drone program not through the eyes of Greenwald, Hale, Howley or Assange; try and see it through the eyes of Barack Obama or Malala. And then come back to me.

The US military is a massive beast and it will always have its Benedict Arnolds, its Daniel Hales, its Chelsea Mannings, and its Reality Winners. But these folk, legends in their own lunchtimes, are not nearly as important as those commentators who spit on US efforts to kill those who sheltered Usama Bin Laden and stone women to death for going to school.

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