Will Biden Declassify the Truth About Covid-19?

Yes, the virus origin is natural. But that's not the whole story. Here’s the rest of it.

Xi Jinping has millions of deaths on his hands, and the COVID-19 virus was of natural origin. Both these things can be true at the same time.

Sources linked to the intelligence community assert that the COVID-19 virus arose naturally in bats, but was being worked on by Chinese intelligence in an effort to ‘weaponize’ the virus. This version of the virus is the one that escaped from the biowarfare laboratory in Wuhan, China, due to simple sloppiness of the scientists there.

It was not a deliberate leak by the Chinese government. In late 2019 and early 2020, British and American intelligence services had intercepts showing Chinese government officials panicking at the spread of the deadly virus.

With the assistance of the World Health Organization and its pro-Chinese puppet head Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Chinese regimen deliberately suppressed the knowledge of human to human transmission at least in part so that the Chinese regime could stockpile PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) before Australia, America and the rest of the world knew they had to buy it.

US medical intelligence (MEDINT) knew well in advance of the Chinese admission of human transmissibilty, and the WHO’s lies about CV-19 not being airborne, that COVID-19 was exceptionally dangerous.

Donald Trump was given a full briefing. In public, Trump ignored it. In private, he knew the hell that America was in for. He was recorded telling Bob Woodward, in February 2020, that Covid was five times worse than the flu.

US intelligence, and the US military - MEDINT and MEDCOM respectively - are under the control of the President. All they could do was warn.

Trump was not quite as stupid as he looked; he has a natural, cunning intelligence that enabled him to control the conversation. By dropping racist terms, and unfounded aggression, against China, and summarily cutting off the WHO instead of seeking to reform it away from the Chinese intelligence element that had captured it, Trump gulled Biden and the Democrats into defending the WHO and China. Too easily caught up in “we must support anything Trump opposes”, some democrats, including, in a rare public policy mistake for him, the normally wonderful Dr. Fauci, who referred to Dr. Tedros, the scourge of Taiwan and the man who promoted travel from China to the United States whilst knowing that human transmission was real, as “my dear friend”, started to overlook the Chinese-puppet role of the WHO. This caused some embarrassment for the Biden Administration, when sensing perhaps that they were off the hook, the WHO pumped out yet another piece of pro-Chinese propaganda in its baseless report on COVID-19 in 2021.

But, despite Fauci’s truly unfortunate lionizing of the disgraceful Dr. Tedros, the Biden Administration did rally to say that it had “deep concerns” about the WHO’s fake “report” that exculpated China; this is the diplomatic equivalent of shouting “bullshit” as you cough into your hand.

Furthermore, we can now see action from Western intelligence on revealing what happened; that Covid-19 was being weaponized in a laboratory in Wuhan, escaped from that laboratory by mistake, and then the fatal error and weaponized nature of the virus being covered up by China’s government.

In reality, it was an act of war to work with the WHO to encourage travel from mainland China to the United States, Australia and Europe. The only reasonable conclusion is that Xi wanted to infect and kill the West so that the economic catastrophe that was hitting China would be shared around the world. Also in reality, however, Joe Biden is not going to declare open war on a fellow superpower. The delicate problem of punishing Russia without letting it slide into chaos is magnified when it comes to China, which is sitting on an explosive mountain of debt. One way to do something about it, however, is to shame Xi, nationally and internationally, as Chinese culture is so deeply concerned with “saving face”. To that end, declassifying the truth about Covid-19 would certainly be a start. Personal sanctions against Chinese regime officials would be another way to go, as would increasing support for Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The Australian newspaper effectively declassified the first bit of intelligence referred to in this article by publishing an exclusive on discussion of Chinese military scientists talking about their intent to weaponize SARS-COVID viruses five years ago. This may be regarded as Australian intelligence, who undoubtedly have all the same information America and Britain does on this matter, encouraging the Biden administration to declassify the fact that China was trying to develop the natural COVID-19 virus as a bioweapon when it escaped, by accident, from their biowarfare lab. Eventually, Australia seems to be implying, if Democrats do not declassify the truth about COVID-19, we will do so.

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