Rudy Giuliani's World of Hurt

Behind the scenes of the raids on Toensing and Rudy

FARA-f*cked is an interesting way to go on Rudy Giuliani, and indicates many bad things are coming for Team Treason. Here’s just how ugly this raid was for the bad guys.

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For many patriots, lots of whom are themselves citizen researchers, the slow nature of justice has been incredibly straining when it comes to Trump and Russia. (There will be a separate article on that soon). But the raid on Rudy Giuliani’s home and Victoria Toensing’s communications offers us all a lot of clues as to why, how and when justice will be coming for all of them. Here’s a handy list of the worst things about this raid from the point of view of the bad guys.

  1. Joe Biden said he knew nothing about it. He found out when he saw it on the news, exactly like the rest of us. The importance of this cannot be overstated. It means that Biden is sticking to his campaign promise not to interfere in the prosectutions of pro-Trump actors by career justice officials.

  2. The Biden no-knowledge also says equally important thing…

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