Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, Trump Troll, Is Back

On 9/11, Praises a Taliban Terrorist, Admits 'Crying like a Bitch'

If Trump is looking for a new Vice Presidential nominee, he should rest easy. The perfect candidate has appeared. Marine Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller, in the middle of preparing for his court martial, decided 9/11 was the perfect time to pump out more Russia-devised anti-American, anti-US military, propaganda.

Wearing a navy blue t-shirt with a gold US flag detail meant to suggest a uniform, Scheller described the “courage” of a dying member of the Taliban, suggested Americans should love the Taliban, and said that the coming together of America after 9/11 was wrong and evil because it was “based on fear”.

The video kicks off with Scheller apologizing to his military lawyer - per previous deleted tweets, he’s being court martialed - and saying that had he not made this video he could have ‘got out quietly’ and ‘run for Congress in 2022’. Then after giving us a recap of his previous Russia Today backed propaganda videos, he said “I had two days when I felt that everything was being take…

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