J6 Committee Staff Are Being Falsely Attacked

The campaign against David Buckley and Joseph Maher reeks. Here are some facts

Is there a more overused word in national security than ‘whistleblower’? I doubt it. It covers the vanishingly few real whistleblowers like Alexander Vindman and Brian Murphy, yes. But it also covers actual traitors, like Reality Winner, Daniel Hale, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, that Trump Troll from Fincen - Natalie Mayflower Sours Edwards, a truly disgusting Trump-loving traitor whom Buzzfeed and Jason Leopold are trying to sell to us as a “whistleblower”; and none of these are Paul Revere. The term is also claimed by leaky people whose well-meaning - or not - disclosures nonethleless harm national security.

And so we come to what is, in my opinion, an attack on the January 6th Committee staff from Mark S Zaid and Andrew Bakaj of WBAID Law (Whistleblower Aid Law) - from both of them, and from the Twitter account of the law firm itself.

This attack, briefly, complains that the CIA’s David Buckley, a former CIA Inspector General, who is heading the January 6th committee staff, and …

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