Assange’s Possible Extradition Terrifies Russia and Trump World. Here’s Why.

One reason, I believe, we are hearing so much Alfa Bank chatter right now is Mueller’s case against Wikileaks, sealed and redacted. Before an indictment was returned by the Grand Jury, and Chelsea Manning released from jail for contempt, this case, “United States vs Wikileaks, et al” was listed in Appendix D of the Mueller Report, as case number (A)(11).

Julian Assange is, as we all know, indicted for espionage against the United States. He may well be extradited soon. Or he may get away. Russia is watching events in the UK very nervously. I can’t emphasize enough that these two cases are not the same thing. One is against Julian Assange as a person for helping Chelsea Manning leak to Wikileaks and for soliciting hacks and leaks to order against America in 2009. The sealed Mueller case is against Wikileaks as an organization. ‘Et al’ likely refers to Russian intelligence.


We need to go back to Bill Barr’s Mueller  press conference to understand why this matters. It’s a colossal failure …

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