‘Anonymous’ and its American Enablers

The Patriot Files - Introduction

“Anonymous”  has long been a function of the Russian state. This has never been particularly well hidden, and in fact has been screamingly obvious. Why, then, have the US media bought into the lie? Why and have American journalists and filmmakers been so lazy? Why, for a decade, under the very nose of the world’s best-funded media, have Americans been co-opted into cheering for a their enemy, and not even merely for an enemy state, but for a Nazi, a thug, a torturer, a billionaire who rolls around on his super yachts purchased with the stolen money of the Russian people?

Dear Mr. Putin, this newsletter, is calling this series of articles the Patriot Files, named after ‘Team Patriot’, an informal group of friends and citizen journalists and researchers on Twitter, of which I am part. The group was so named partly as a joke (it was originally “Team Bond”, as I defended GCHQ and the US intelligence community against the lionization of the traitor Edward Snowden). It will examine a by no m…

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