Alfa Server 1 - Durham Slips Up

No, it wasn't a false story. And he doesn't know who 'Tea Leaves' are

John Durham’s hot garbage indictment of Michael Sussman told us a lot more about the Alfa Bank - Trump server story than he apparently intended, including that the FBI passed the Alfa Bank investigation to a second agency.


It also told us how very little the FBI thinks of him, and how Trump and Barr had nothing left, after they struck out, but to demolish straw men. While the majority of mainstream journalists may not realize it, I can assure my readers that both allied and hostile intelligence services do. Let’s break down the secrets John Durham spilled on Thursday. My previous article on it here covers some of them:

  • There was an FBI investigation of the Trump campaign’s links to Russia that centered around the Alfa-Trump server

  • It was conducted by the FBI’s counterintelligence division (not criminal division)

  • It concerned financial and banking offenses, not a ‘backchannel’

All the above was reported in my exclusive story of Nov 7, 2016, that broke the story that the FBI continued to i…

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